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What our students say about our courses

"I was very happy. Visiting iStill is like visiting an old friend, you get a warm welcome. Much of the knowledge of distilling is kept mysterious - e.g. aging periods/techniques, how to make really good whisky/rum etc. - this inside knowledge was part of the course."

- Alan Milne, UK

"The courses are very well run. Loved the hands on practical applicatoins. Would highly recommend!"

- Mandy Huser - USA

"It was een excellent experience and I'm glad i attended. The science and technical explanations were excellent and helped fill in a lot of questions that I had before attending the course. It's hard to find resources that go into the "why" part of questions and not only into "how". When you know why you are doing something, then you can ask better questions and seek better answers. Everyone was also eager to learn and ask about their own theories. I thought that a one-on-one course would be necessary to hammer out the theory on distilling but having many different perspectives helped me better understand distilling since there were many different questions during the course."

- Dave Farnia USA

"Thank you all for a fantastic class! The teaching style was great because we were able to  have personalized questions and answers. The balance between theory and hands on training was also great; you certainly need both to become a great distiller! Not only was the class and theory easily worth the price of admission and then some, but having the chance to be in an operating distillery and connect and network with other people in the business and hear and share experiences was also priceless. It was a privilege and an adventure."

- Jared Lewis, USA

"I got a much better understanding of the basics of distilling, and also the possibilities and quality of the equipment. A great course with lots of new knowledge for me. Keep up the good work!"

- Bernt Gran

"Many thanks to the whole iStill team! I loved meeting and sharing with fellow spirits enthousiasts/distillers/soon-to-be distillers and understanding how a chosen type of production (mashing/fermenting/distillation/maturation) protocol will influence the flavor of the final product. I loved Odin's passionate, sincere and generous delivery and engaging teaching style. I may not buy an iStill yet (have to sell cocktails first) but I am now a firm follower."

- Hans Lentz, UK

"Great combination of theory and practice (and fun!) Focus on a broad spectrum of topics not only the technical processes with very competent speakers. The course was fantastic and I would really like to thank the whole team for creating and delivering such a first class experience!"

- Hans Lentz, UK
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